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Give me a Reason

Composed and Performed


Olivia Demetriou
Lucy Norris

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This heartfelt short film delves into the profound impact life events can have on one's journey, swiftly propelling the mind into a whirlwind of thoughts. This not only influences the emotional well-being of our character but also takes a toll on their physical state, leading them to a space where many may feel reluctant to venture—acknowledging they might not return.

I understand this intimately, being both the writer and director of this film. A few years ago, I found myself in a similar situation. I know firsthand the sensation of being constrained, as each passing day amplifies those emotions, creating a box that almost seems oddly comforting, a familiar space when it feels like there's no way forward.

But there is a path forward. Initiating a conversation with someone becomes the starting point for the journey back from the edge of self-destruction. We aspire for this film to bring about positive change.

Let's not confine ourselves; opening up is essential. It's more than good—it's liberating to talk.

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Danny Janeway performing his latest composition Falling Down.

Recorded and film at Red Creative Film studios in Broxbourne UK.

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Matt Burton Performing El Decameron Negro I. El arpa del guerrero

El Decameron Negro

I. El arpa del guerrero

By Leo Brouwer b.1939

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Dave is a man who didn’t get where he wanted to in life and now works in a 9-5 job he hates but it pays a reasonable wage so to coin a phrase “he grins and bears it”.

One day while he is going through his regular routine and making the journey to work, he is unaware that something is about to change and not for the better.

Cast Dave - played by Steve Gibbs Mad Driver- played by Chris Adams Brief Encounter, Red Creative's full version of their first film short. Made with a miniscule budget and lots of enthusiasm.

The story was written by Red's principal script writer Steve Gibbs and filmed over three days. "It was not only a terrific learning experience in terms of putting a film together, but also working with talented cast made my job so much easier" says Red's Andy Demetriou who directed and edited the project.

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Charlie Ungry Studio Session - with Tony Sando - lead vocals, Steve Protheroe - lead guitar, Jeff Gibbs, bass guitar, Andy Demetriou - drums. Song composed by Jeff Gibbs

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One hundred thousand pounds to some people is a life changing amount, to others it’s a new car, and to some it can be the difference between life and death.

When three people from completely different walks of life come together, they all need the money for a different reason. Charlie is a man who only knows the life of a gangster and working his way up through organised crime.  This time he needs the money to stop the organisation he works for taking him out.

Linda is a young woman who at an early age is taught the harsh realities of life when the banks’ take her dad’s business away. Learning this lesson at a young age makes her hard. Using her looks to get what she wants she takes on the life of a masseuse. She develops a way of getting everything from her clients without giving anything in return, but in the process she has upset some very influential people. The money will enable her to help her family and let her start a new life, but this time she’s going to have to work for it.

Don, a crooked city banker, who has never wanted for anything in his life, and through dodgy dealings and insider trading and stepping on others, has crept his way up the success ladder. He likes to boast to his posh friends of his connections with the underworld. Finding himself broke for the first time he is given an ultimatum. Will he take someone else’s life to save his own skin?

Three individuals, who all need the money. The Gangster, the Masseuse, the Crook. Who would you bank on?

With Steve Gibbs, Rebecca Black and Chris Adams.

Directed by Andy Demetriou

​A Red Creative Production

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Short Film - Sing When You’re Winning Story By Oliver Joel

Steve Gibbs

Oliver Joel

Sound Design
James Chapman

Produced and Directed by Red Creative Film

The story and all names, characters and incidents portrayed are fictitious and have no identification with actual persons.


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Lovely Vengeance is a short film written and produced by the Red Creative team to pay homage to bygone age of film and television before we were bombarded by CGI which is sometimes used to extremes to compensate for weak story lines and characters.

The opening credit sequences used in 60s classic movies such has the Thomas Crown Affair, Bullet and Point Blank instantly grab your attention, you want to see more. There are no massive explosions or car chases or men passed their sell by dates brandishing assault weapons and taking on the world to grab your attention. These films had great stories and made the audience listen and use their own minds. In most instances today the thinking is done for us.

In the 1950s and 60s we had the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits on tv our screens. Maybe a tad corny today but well written and clever stories that stood the test of time. In an age where technology is boundless CGI plays a great part in movie making and is here to stay.

​But sometimes its nice to go back to basics and create stories that make you work things out for yourself and to make your own mind up to what’s going on and leave you thinking when the credits roll.

Hopefully we at Red Creative have managed to achieve this with Lovely Vengeance


Lovely Vengeance - Fleur Poad
Jack - Steve Gibbs

Director - Andy Demetriou

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