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This heartfelt short film delves into the profound impact life events can have on one's journey, swiftly propelling the mind into a whirlwind of thoughts. This not only influences the emotional well-being of our character but also takes a toll on their physical state, leading them to a space where many may feel reluctant to venture—acknowledging they might not return.

I understand this intimately, being both the writer and director of this film. A few years ago, I found myself in a similar situation. I know firsthand the sensation of being constrained, as each passing day amplifies those emotions, creating a box that almost seems oddly comforting, a familiar space when it feels like there's no way forward.

But there is a path forward. Initiating a conversation with someone becomes the starting point for the journey back from the edge of self-destruction. We aspire for this film to bring about positive change.

Let's not confine ourselves; opening up is essential. It's more than good—it's liberating to talk.

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