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SYNOPSIS In the year 2113 space travel as become easier due to light speed being discovered fifty years earlier by James Reed an Oxford graduate and Father of Lieutenant Destiny Reed the military astronaut piloting BLUE STAR a military transport space ship sent to the edge of our solar system to deliver routine shipments to planet bases working on detecting tunnels known as ‘worm holes’ in space.  These anomalies until now have only been detected by unmanned ships which have sent back data pin pointing their positions.  If these so called tunnels in space exist it would drastically cut down space travel and allow the human race to explore areas of space which have been out of reach for the last century.

Nearly reaching it’s last destination BLUE STAR hits a meteor storm and is thrown off course. Destiny overrides the controls and switches to manual. Hitting the emergency thrusters to escape a large meteor, the ship enters a corridor in space. Destiny now becomes a passenger as the ship whirls through the tunnel at colossal speed eventually rendering her unconscious.

The ship exits the tunnel. Destiny looks out of a small window. A large planet fill her vision. The computer reads out details of the planets life support systems oxygen, water. etc. Buckling herself into her seat she manages to separate from the ship and the escape pod hurtles toward the planet surface she looks at the gravity meter and preys she touches down on flat terrain.

Alarms sound through the cockpit and then the bang. The pod slides for what seems miles and then comes to a halt. In the darkness, an unknown being is stalking it’s prey ready to strike. Destiny running desperately makes it back to the ship just in time. She readies herself for the onslaught, but for now the danger is drawing away.

The only company for Destiny is Blue the ship’s computer.  Which after some interrogation, appears not to have an answer for her dire predicament.  Destiny ponders her dire situation and thinks back to earlier times with her husband Jack and their son.

Destiny decides the only way is to leave the safety of the ship to seek out and destroy the predator. In the distance she can hear the deathly roar from the creature.  She must finish this and leave this planet or for ever be a Robinson Crusoe character lost on a world no one will knows existed. But time is running out and Destiny is about to discover something so devastating, it that will change everything she has ever understood and loved.  She realises it can only mean one thing, she is not in charge of her own destiny?

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