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Lovely Vengeance is a short film written and produced by the Red Creative team to pay homage to bygone age of film and television before we were bombarded by CGI which is sometimes used to extremes to compensate for weak story lines and characters.

The opening credit sequences used in 60s classic movies such has the Thomas Crown Affair, Bullet and Point Blank instantly grab your attention, you want to see more. There are no massive explosions or car chases or men passed their sell by dates brandishing assault weapons and taking on the world to grab your attention. These films had great stories and made the audience listen and use their own minds. In most instances today the thinking is done for us.

In the 1950s and 60s we had the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits on tv our screens. Maybe a tad corny today but well written and clever stories that stood the test of time. In an age where technology is boundless CGI plays a great part in movie making and is here to stay.

​But sometimes its nice to go back to basics and create stories that make you work things out for yourself and to make your own mind up to what’s going on and leave you thinking when the credits roll.

Hopefully we at Red Creative have managed to achieve this with Lovely Vengeance


Lovely Vengeance - Fleur Poad
Jack - Steve Gibbs

Director - Andy Demetriou

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