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Music In Film

The best film in the world can be elevated to the sublime by a good soundtrack. Conversely, a deeply average flick can seem like a masterpiece if the score is a hit. When you get right down to it though, it’s the music that makes a film memorable, for many years after it fades from our screens.

For instance, Gone With The Wind won the best picture Oscar for 1939.  Now some people would argue that this is a very good film.  Never having been able to bear watching it all the way through, it would be hypocritical to argue otherwise, but the soundtrack, with its swirling strings, was – and is – unforgettable. It didn’t win an award for the music though, but it was up against the Wizard of Oz. You can’t argue with that. Well, you can, of course. One’s a musical picture, the other’s a drama. Who’s to say which had the better score?

Red Creative are also music producers, assisting with any or all of the project, writing, arranging, producing and recording for other artists or our own musical projects.  Equipment, sound room hire and talent hire available.

We will often bring together other talents for a project, acting as a music arranger, composer, engineer, musician or songwriter.

Soundtracks, singles, commercials...  Please enquire.

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